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Nemeses Guild Leader
Sengar Snr Guild Officer
Dragon Snr Raid Officer
Lain Web Admin
Lorkan Guild Officer
Tyranade Guild Officer
Code of Conduct
Always behave in a manner that puts the reputation of The Immortals in a good light!.

Be mature in your attitude to wards non Immortals members, remember we were all new at one stage. REMEMBER ..we all started as noobs once!.. they could be our future Guild-Mates!!

Win as humbly as you lose, if you loose then learn from your defeat!.. don’t cry and whine about it!

When talking to Members on any Immortals Voice Comms Mumble etc, you must show respect to others!..please refrain from using obscene language such as C**t its not big and its not clever! not everyone is used to profanities,(swear words) and they may find your language very offensive!!

DO NOT: Type any swear words whilst in game, it could lead to membership suspension or even worse..Loss of Immortals membership!

DO NOT: play for another Guild whilst you are a member of The Immortals (this is only in-force in games The Immortals participate in)

DO NOT: Openly argue with another Immortals member in open chat or on voice server nobody wants to hear your arguments! : Report the issue to a guild officer/leader

DO NOT: Deliberately hassle your team-mates whilst playing in-game. Or anyone else!!

DO NOT: Over use or spam in-game messages.

DO NOT: Use racist remarks of any kind,it WILL NOT be tolerated!. it will (if reported) lead to an instant Dismissal from The Immortals

DO NOT: Use sexist remarks towards the opposite sex!..could lead to suspension and loss of The Immortals Membership

DO NOT: Verbally abuse Immortals members or non-members ...and certainly not guild leadership!

DO NOT: put yourself before the team's performance; always put the performance of the whole team first.

Do: Your best to respond to requests from your fellow Immortals Guild members.

Always be aware of the required objectives and how your role will help in the games completion!

Be aggressively and stubbornly SELFLESS. It doesn't matter WHO on your team achieves the goal, it only matters that the goal is achieved. If someone has a better chance to achieve the goal, do your best to assist them.

ALWAYS assist Immortals members when able

Rise above the rest, and always do your best, and lead by example.

Be generous with helping Non Immortals players (they may join us in the future)

Compliment competitors if they really get the best of you!

Always take the time to say "good game" when it fits.

Never go over board putting down other players, even if they are REALLY crap!... I know its hard but try!!

Never go over board bragging about your score or what damage you just did.

Know the game: Read the manual. Know all the weapons, especially any weapons that are part of a mod.

Always keep up to date with The Immortals Community news,via the web site. (Use the forums) we spend a lot of time keeping it updated for you.

Contribute to the web site. (Suggestions and opinions Using the forums!)

Do your best to play on any designated training / match evening and notify someone well in advance if you are unable to attend!

If you use an alias whilst playing on other servers DO NOT use your The Immortals tags whilst using you alias!

DEFINITELY NO CHEATING of ANY kind. This includes taking advantage of map glitches or exploits, IF ANY Immortals member is caught cheating it will lead to instant cancellation of their Immortals membership

The Rules and Regulations above are there purely to protect you and other Immortals members!... if you feel you cannot or.. WILL NOT be able to abide by our Code of Conduct.. then please contact a member of The Immortals Admin or Contact a Clan Leader .. A.S.A.P
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bullet The Immortals
05 Jun : 07:41
Happens, just bloody annoying, though game looks pretty dead now very few were on fleet when I logged in for all of 2 min
bullet Sengar
01 Jun : 14:08
bullet Nemeses
13 May : 14:47
Nope looks like its been disbanded..annoying when people do that had a full guild ship and all :(
bullet Sengar
12 May : 15:40
Be interesting to find out!
bullet Nemeses
11 May : 08:21
Well downloading Sw:ToR again to play it, wonder if the guild still up

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