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Wednesday 02 November 2011
Immortals & SW.ToR
Once SW.ToR is officially released The Immortals will no longer as a guild be playing Rift. The ones who continue to play Rift will have formed there own separate guild.

Posted by Nemeses on Wednesday 02 November 2011 - 13:40:27 | Add/Read Comments: 0
Raid Etiquette - Please read this!!!

Say sorry to the baddies after you have killed them (I have found a little jig goes down rather well)
If you sign up, turn up! It's only fair to everyone. If you can't make it, then send an in-game message to the raid leader or remove your name from the list.
Please don't leave a raid half way through if it isn't going well. If you have to go for another reason, please let the raid leader know.

Arrive at the raid ready to go with everything you need (e.g. stem packs, medi packs) and repairs made so we can set out on time.

We want to make sure that everyone attending a raid gets a fair shot at winning some decent loot. Therefore if you roll on a gold for your class and you win it - congratulations. However, if another gold for that class drops in the same raid, you may not roll on it. e.g. if you are a controller and a DPS gold item drops and you win it, then you may not then roll if a gold class item comes up. Obviously if all attendees have won something of that type of item, then you can roll again.

Rolls for drops can only be by that class, if you in as a Controller you may only roll for controller items, i.e you may not roll on DPS drops, they are for the players in as DPS.

You may roll on DPS items if raid leaders (TBA) agree to it. You may greed on any item you can use at any time.

You must have Ventrilo installed and working to raid, you do not need to speak but you need to hear instructions if you do not have Ventrilo do not sign up for a raid

Posted by Nemeses on Wednesday 02 November 2011 - 13:38:40 | Add/Read Comments: 0
Immortals arrive in Rift!
The Immortals have now launched a guild in Rift, send either Blounty or myself Nemeses a in-game tell for invite if you joining, We on Cloudborne EN PvP server, on the Defiant side!!

Posted by Nemeses on Wednesday 02 November 2011 - 13:38:06 | Add/Read Comments: 3
Thursday 02 June 2011
The Immortals Recruitment Video!!

Posted by Nemeses on Thursday 02 June 2011 - 09:51:24 | Add/Read Comments: 0
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bullet The Immortals
05 Jun : 07:41
Happens, just bloody annoying, though game looks pretty dead now very few were on fleet when I logged in for all of 2 min
bullet Sengar
01 Jun : 14:08
bullet Nemeses
13 May : 14:47
Nope looks like its been disbanded..annoying when people do that had a full guild ship and all :(
bullet Sengar
12 May : 15:40
Be interesting to find out!
bullet Nemeses
11 May : 08:21
Well downloading Sw:ToR again to play it, wonder if the guild still up

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