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Mass PVP Tactics
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Khaar Untor
Sun Jan 15 2012, 11:35PM
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As we failed with 50lvl world boss on Belsavis, and Ilum pvp will be (re)born on 17.01, we should discuss our options when facing an enemy.
I'd like to focus on 8+vs8+ pvp, as it's the most difficult one.

I'd stop making balanced groups, like we do when 8+ signs up for a pvp event, and then there are created similar in power groups.
We have to make a best group first, then think about the rest. It would be a motivator to play better, and try harder, especially with gear.
In order to turn the tide on the server, we have to beat the best of Empire players, not create a random group, and count on a weaker enemy.

If we have a group/ops created, it's obvious we have all important classes: heal, dps, stealth, tank.
As almost all classes have skills to reduce/increase distance from an enemy, almost every fight will take place in a circle with 15m radius (range of the guard skill).

Depending on the class, there have to be different roles in pvp:

every dps has to assist each other, if it's not possible, make pairs of melee+raned dps; main problem here is that the weakest healer in enemy group has to be targeted first (and killed); flexibility is the key here, if a healer is heavily guarded, quickly move to another

not every fight is started with an element of surprise; I believe priority here should be disabling from a fight best enemy players, and assisting in killing

has to stay in range with all players in a group, but shouldn't split, chasing a single player, and always stay in range with another healer

most popular way to start a fight is to jump right in, but as they main role here is to guard healers, they have to stay 5-10m from a guarded healer, helping with aoe slow and aggro on targets, which attack healers; taunt first, deal dmg later - tank should target the most dangerous enemy for a healer, and shout 'assist me', it'll be hard to deal with such target alone, and most important, fast

main ideas:
0. move!
1. guard your healers long enough to kill all enemy healers
2. do not stay close to each other, if enemy will assist in aoe, deaths are inevitable, in best case scenario, healing all affected targets will take time, and resources
3. rebind /assist to most suitable key, it is the most important skill in pvp

Share your ideas, so we will be ready to dominate Ilum!

L2, SWToR veteran,
awaiting Nexus drop!
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Mon Jan 16 2012, 05:51AM
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If you see a stealth class jump someone, go for a stun rather than damage.

An operative can kill the target with backstabs before you can kill it then vanish again.

A stun protects the target and gives a few seconds to recover plus time to unload on the stealther before it can kill or get away.

That or a knockback/pull
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Mon Jan 16 2012, 09:07AM
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"We have to make a best group first, then think about the rest. It would be a motivator to play better, and try harder, especially with gear"

im all for that but do you know who are the best pvpers in the guild ? have you pvp'd with alot of the guild ? everybody will think X player is good cause of such and such time... i can think of 4 people who i love goruping with always straight away doing pvp and ive pvp'd with alot of people. im not slandering anybody and im not saying im amazing what i say goes, it is purely from what ive seen,played with and expierenced. (if you want me to put names for a 1st team as you say then i can)

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Khaar Untor
Mon Jan 16 2012, 11:09AM
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It's up to pvp officers to decide, how to make groups, so they would have to worry about that.

L2, SWToR veteran,
awaiting Nexus drop!
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Mon Jan 16 2012, 03:23PM
When you see a stealther, try putting a DoT effect on them, no matter how low the damage is, so that even if they vanish, their stealth will break.

Plus as a tank, even if the healer is guarded, taunting people off them is important, because then the healer will take almost no damage which means the tank will also survive as the healer will continue to heal them.

As a DPS, when you engage a healer, try putting your healing reduction debuff first, i.e if your class has it, because it stacks with the trauma debuff every player gets at the start of a fight which'll make you and other DPS burst them down that much easier.

Learn the importance of Interrupts and Crowd Controls. To get you started, check out the thread link below

[ Edited Mon Jan 16 2012, 03:42PM ]
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Fri Jan 27 2012, 09:59AM
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I think the ideal situation will be for groups of maybe 4 guys or even 2 who play together constantly in PVP. Each person could pick 1 or 2 'PVP Buddies' and when on together ensure they always group, and work to complement each other.

This is the system my FPS clan used to use to train, it was usually in 2's but obviously MMO's are slightly more dynamic and require a broader spectrum of skill and specialisations. The main benefit is that communication and coordination improve dramatically, it's all well and good a Lvl 50 Commando and a Lvl 50 Shadow both with the best gear in the game buddying up just because it makes sense statistically, if those 2 guys haven't played together before and don't know each others skills and strengtths/weaknesses; they are MUCH less effective.

Dream scenario -

Each of the 4 PVP Officers takes a 'platoon' under his wing (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta - names subject to change at the platoon's discretion), this platoon is made up of pairs or squads of guys who make every effort to train together and then the 4 individual platoons can organise their own events. The platoons would grow organically as the the guild grows and work independently or together - it's not about seperating people it's about organising and fostering a competetive spirit -

'Alpha Platoon have managed to hold Ilum for 2 straight hours now but a few of us are logging off, can Bravo send a few squads over to assist?'

'Charlie platoon are really struggling for Tanks, has Delta got anyone who could transfer over and train up some of our mid-levels until they get to where they need to be?'

How cool would it be to be able to write up a battle report for a hard fought win from Charlie Platoon which was nearly lost until Alpha came speeding over the horizon and provided the winning push?

Further to this, I'm sure a lot of you have noticed a huge divide in the PVP within the guild since the recent patch. Now that Lvl 50's are bracketed on their own in Warzones and with Ilum being pretty much 50 only, the PVP'ers who perhaps don't have the time to jump to level 50 within a few weeks no longer have any PVP events which they can join in. For everyone who has a busy work/personal/social life I have the solution - click

[ Edited Fri Jan 27 2012, 10:43AM ]

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Fri Jan 27 2012, 10:40AM
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Further to my previous comments about FPS gaming and Battle Reports - click

That's one of many many match reports, newsletters and guides I wrote for my FPS clan - writing is something I almost always have time for; I write when I'm on my break at work, in bed, sat eating my breakfast, sat having a dump, sat waiting for a new planet to load........ :-D

It'd be really cool to have a guild Dropbox for PVP Match reports, it doesn't have to be every match, just ones that were particularly memorable - it doesn't have to be a novel or perfect literature - if you feel like writing about it then drop it in there and put a link on the 'Match Reports' Sticky at the top of the PVP Forum (it doesn't exist yet but it's a good enough idea that it surely will!)


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Sat Jan 28 2012, 03:29PM
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