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PVP Activities
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Tue Jan 10 2012, 01:30AM
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Hello all,

As a newly appointed PVP Officer I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself, outline my plans for PVP in the guild and hopefully gather as many ideas and opinions as possible on the subject of PVP as well as the usual who/what/when/where/how/why.....

So first of all an introduction (I'll hopefully add this to a sticky at the top of the PVP forum along with NayBalls, Claymore abd whoever the 4th PVP Officer is)

My name is Chris, although to most of my online friends it's usually just 'Vega' (the name comes from the book 'Rainbow Six' as opposed to the dude from Street Fighter) and this is the name i'll hopefully be choosing for my SWTOR Legacy. Though the bulk of my gaming experience comes from RTS or FPS's, in 2005 i joined the world of MMO's when a FPS clanmate persuaded me to try SWG. Since Galaxies I've played LOTRO and AOC and I've been following SWTOR since it's inception.

As far as 'endgame' goes I'm a bit of a noob, I've never done any proper raiding and my PVP experience is very limited, my main focus has always been exploring everywhere and achieving everything, I roll a lot of alts and endeavour to be a master crafter with all of them, get all the coolest armour, pets, weapons and so on. In SWTOR i'm hoping to commit a great deal of my time to PVP especially, I'm looking forward to using my tacticians brain to win many battles against the Empire and hopefully this is the start of something massive.

So the first question I guess i'd put to you all is.... what does PVP entail in SWTOR and what areas of it are you looking to take part in. I've played a little Warzone PVP, bumped into a few Imps in contested PVP areas and today I stumbled upon Outlaws Den on Tatooine (absolutely dead). Currently it isn't possible to queue with a group of more than 4 so Warzone matches are pretty limited in scope.... with this in mind is it the intention of the PVP lovers to stick to warzones or are we going to try to organise some open-world stuff?

My idea would be to organise a match-up with an Imperial guild and meet on Tatooine on a weekly basis for some guild vs guild combat. We could organise matches for specific level brackets so that it remains as fair as possible and progress to Ilum of the higher level players. I'm not sure whether this is possible or if there are any limitations as i'm currently only lvl 29 and fairly inexperienced at the game, I'm hoping that this is something we can do regularly and create a bit of rivalry with one or two Imperial guilds.


Also, in open-world PVP areas are we bumping into Imps regularly or is it a rare occurance? If it's more regular than i'm experiencing could we perhaps form into squads and roam the PVP areas looking for a fight? This might also be a good way of creating some of the aforementioned rivalries and getting some proper battles going.

Excuse my ignorance but as I said i'm pretty new to the whole PVP scene (very keen to get stuck in though :D ) and i'm levelling fairly slowly, unfortunately family and work come first so i've had to grow up and put my gaming on the back burner :( Hopefully this won't inhibit my ability to be a tip-top PVP Officer.

Please all introduce yourselves as briefly as you please, offer any ideas or thoughts you may have and hopefully we can get the ball rolling.


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Tue Jan 10 2012, 09:50AM
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hi my real names dave but name in game is ticktock (purely because thats all i heard all day at work on the day of release.)

i do alot of the warzones pretty much all day to be honest (when im not at work) so if anybody wants to group for pvp warzones let me know im always there.

ive seen a fair bit of open world pvp alot on tatooine but most imps will just walk past you either cause there scared or because we gain nothing from open world pvp.

im up for all types of pvp, i dont know if its possible but we could try and raid a imps town/city for a laugh ?

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Tue Jan 10 2012, 06:51PM
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I love pvp, driving around to search for a fight. But for now I am focusing on lvling, getting to 50 and gearing up.

When I hit 50, I intend to start PvP groups and dominate the warzones :), but yes indeed 4 man group is very limited in my eyes. I rather see a full pre-made Immortals group :)

And ofcours an Immortal raid on Ilum.

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Khaar Untor
Tue Jan 10 2012, 07:12PM
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Guild vs guild is a great idea! I think 16vs16, only lvl50 would be a nice way to start.

L2, SWToR veteran,
awaiting Nexus drop!
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Tue Jan 10 2012, 07:33PM
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Already organising guild vs guild with a few on sith, more details to follow and great post Vega
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Wed Jan 11 2012, 09:38AM
PvP is all I ever do. Me and My friend earned the WoW's Gladiator title in the most contested Battlegroup ( Ex WoW players all know the value of the title), so you need any PvP tips, you can ask SWTOR, spends hours after hours in PvP during beta and live before I went on hiatus.

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Wed Jan 11 2012, 11:27AM
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in most games im a PvPlover, insane version. take EvE, give me a few isk and ill go kill a gang which is the most fun i get. even with crappy net and PC it wont stop me from destroying people for the hell of it, and if i die, so what? ill just come back and shoot u again:-P
so ye. kill some people. point me in the general direction and ill do things to thingies:-D

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Khaar Untor
Fri Jan 27 2012, 05:38PM
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server co-op
This has to be the best way to run guild vs guild events!
And as a guild featured on, it should be The Immortals to start Niman co-op!

[ Edited Fri Jan 27 2012, 05:38PM ]

L2, SWToR veteran,
awaiting Nexus drop!
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Khaar Untor
Tue Jan 31 2012, 09:57AM
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So, what do you guys think about creating co-op on Niman?

L2, SWToR veteran,
awaiting Nexus drop!
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Tue Jan 31 2012, 12:00PM
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Tatooine pvp area can be used even for inter-guild matches like team blounty vs team nem :) or just free for all ^^

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Tue Jan 31 2012, 04:39PM

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naNuke wrote ...

Tatooine pvp area can be used even for inter-guild matches like team blounty vs team nem :) or just free for all ^^

Go Go Team Blounty!!!

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