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Crowd Controls and Interrupts
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Thu Jan 05 2012, 12:43PM
This thread is to highlight, for new players and people new to PvP, how important CCs and Interrupts. It is also people to discuss on how to combat or use their CCs more efficiently because believe me, a well timed interrupt or CC can mean the difference between winning or losing in PvP fight.

To start off:

Most people playing with melee classes don't know that when they are facing a Player who is casting, he/she can be interrupted by just moving out of his/her LoS (Line of Sight).

This can be done in 2 ways:

1) Quickly move behind a object/obstacle

2) Move behind him/her and stay there by adjusting your position according to her movement until you see the cast bar get interrupted.
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Fri Jan 06 2012, 12:13PM
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Good thread, a summup of cc and interupt abilities from the different classes is most welcome.

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Fri Jan 06 2012, 12:44PM
Jedi Sentinel/Sith Marauder :
Interrupts: Force Kick/Disruption
CCs: Force Stasis/Force Choke, Awe/Intimidating Roar
Snares: Leg Slash/Crippling Slash, Spec dependant (Master Strike/Ravage, Cauterize/Rupture, Crippling Throw/Deadly Throw and Force Exhaustion/Force Crush)

FYI: I use the CCs as Interrupts as well

[ Edited Mon Jan 09 2012, 07:39PM ]
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Mon Jan 09 2012, 05:18PM
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Good post, i'll make something simliar but more involving tactics on each of the warzones. It will be up for debate and hopefully it will spark some strats for the like of Hutball.

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Mon Jan 09 2012, 07:40PM
Updated my post with the names of the Sentinel's mirror Marauder skill names as well.
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