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Looks decent, reminds me of Lotro!
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Fri Jul 01 2016, 10:38AM

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I knew nothing about this game till I saw it this morning starting either closed or open beta.
I had a little read and decided to give it a go, bought the £17.99 founder pack.

So far I have been pleasantly surprised with the game feels very solid and reminds me a lot of LoTRo for some reason, with maybe a bit of guild wars 2 thrown in (think because of the cut scenes)

If the game carries on as it has started will definitely try form the guild in it, there is nothing new in the game it feels very much like what we would consider a traditional MMO in as far as quest hubs and the type of quests, I'm only level 4 now so very early to call how good the game is, or end game, it just feels OK to play, something that's lacked for a while.

Anyway if you going to give it a try please drop a post here with your name.

Got 3 characters in game Nemeses (Wizard) Thirteen (Priest) and Scarface (Berserker)

Playing Nemeses for now :( Wizards are the hardest class to play as rated by game (Berserker's been the easiest)

I am on Koroshimo server

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