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Signing in for Wildstar
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Mon Jun 09 2014, 08:03PM
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Real name: Chad

Desired status: Member /Raider (Wildstar)

Other games: I've played pretty much every MMO going except TSO and Terra - Side note really looking forward to Arkham Knights as I love the Arkham series of games. Might dip my toe into WItcher 3 as I'm sort of playing through the second one. Apart from that various games when they pop up on the steam sales!

Location: England, Bournemouth

Age: 38 :(

Gender: Male

Player level: Capable, maybe. Well at a push.

Best night to play: Sunday evenings (after 7 - 7:30pm) are always free, but any night with warning generally.

Other guilds/clans: Well my current MMO guild (yeah WoW unfortunately) is Reliving the Past a recent successful re-roll project that cleared all content at the appropriate level cap I would say it was only due to my amazing healing, but that would be big headed, screw it. it was due to my amazing healing! My WoW sub expires in 2 weeks thanks to WS though, yay. If I can be bothered to log onto WoW its just for some PvP, I quite enjoy that side of the game generally

How did you hear about us: Wildstar thread on the Overclockers Forum (and other threads there)

Comments: Played the Wildstar closed beta on and off, liked it alot so purchased the Deluxe Edition. Havent had a huge amount of game time though as RL is in the way this 1st month of live - have a Mordesh Engy (named Khallon) at 15 but doesn't feel right if you know what I mean, might be the starter zone though. So currently playing a spellslinger (level 9 as I type this, whooohoo. Named Rhauvin) as its my '1st love' (feels very GW2 ele imo). Need a home as it were, been meaning to apply for a month or so ;p, and well, here I am!
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Mon Jun 09 2014, 10:08PM

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Welcome :D, glad to see the web issue sorted, though we really do need a web admin :p

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